Analytic CRM - Do you polish stones or jewels?

With which customers do we earn money?


Several methods like classical (e.g. contribution margin) and newer ones (e.g. Customer Lifetime Value CLV and RFM) help you understand which customers contribute most to the company's success.

Does it make sense to approach all customers the same way? Or should we rather segment and focus specially?


A comprehensive set of state-of-the art customer segmentation methods, incl. RFM (Recence Frequency and Monetary Value), Scoring, Portfolio and CLV, help you segment and focus in the most effective way - maximizing customer satisfaction as well as revenue.

How should we approach 'A' customers - and how all other ones?


By creating suggestions how to approach which kinds of customers in regards to email campaigns, loyalty programs, special events etc. the system helps you taking your Marketing and CRM to the next level.


smart PM solutions' Customer Analytics and Segmentation application helps you clustering your customer base. Based on segmentation suggestions the system recommends specific actions for relevant customer segments. Moreover, you can accurately calculate the value of each customer by picking one of several widely accepted methods. This way you can develop your existing CRM to what we call 'responsive' - driving your results rather than reacting.


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