Education & Culture

Both, education and culture have a considerable high impact on our society. Therefore we enjoy to care best for companies of this sort. Our experience shows that a modern and flexible performance management approach allows them to grow business in full control. The software is easy to use, rapidy implemented, similiar to Excel, but triple as powerful (e.g. by process automation, predefined reports, interactive dashboards). And with low cost of ownership. Seamlessly connected data and departments lead to efficient budgeting, proactive planning, reliable and real time analysis and precise forecasting. Simulate decisions upfront, optimize resources and benefit of 100% reliable data and decision making.

Key benefits of the expert solution for the education and culture industry

Monitor and drive performance

Benefit from state-of-the-art Project Management and Performance Tracking approaches like Milestone-, Cost- or Timeline Trend Analysis

Simulate decisions and predict future outcome using AI

Work with ‚what if‘ analysis features to simulate portfolio change and use AI to improve forecasts

Full control of your business

Monitor and optimize project and portfolio lifecycle and re-evaluate at every process step

React on time to optimize financial and risk impact

Control cost & risk by built in risk management and cluster cost caps

Optimize resouces, consider strategic relevance

Understand the impact of a change of one project to all of them (the ‘Portfolio’)

Benefit of an embedded collaborative work environment

Integrated MS-Teams and Planner Functions ensure effective and collaborative work

Do you want to know...?​

How do we perform in key areas?

smartPM Project Performance Management application retrieves related information from any source system and adds forecasting intelligence to predict performance in any aspect.

Which projects do we run and why?

More and more companies feel and act ‘project-driven’. It is not always clear who triggered which project and for which purpose. Our solution allows for Project Portfolio Management and Portfolio Balancing.

Which projects will impact our financial result as well as our strategy most?

Top/Flop Reports, Earned Value Analysis and ‘what if’ analysis covering whole project portfolios support any decision to be taken.

Learn how we have helped other companies in the education & culture industry:

'For our budgeting and forecasting approach we were looking for a solution which would be fast to implement, could easily integrate with our current data systems, would cover individual planning needs of users, while doing it reliably and fast… Due to the experience of team …we not only achieved our goals in a short time, but even found new ways for using the software to our advantage.'
Rainer Schuster
Corporate Financial Controller
CTS Eventim Austria GmbH
„Aufgrund des gestiegenen Volumens an zu verarbeitenden Daten und der zunehmenden Komplexität des Budgetierungsprozesses entsprach die Planung mittels Excel nicht mehr den geforderten Qualitätsstandards. Datenuploads beanspruchten nahezu die ganze Manpower während des Planungszeitraumes, so dass kaum Zeit zur tatsächlichen Analyse des Budgets verblieb. Die Planung in verschiedenen Excel-Files und anschließende Zusammenführung in einer Masterdatei ist äußerst fehleranfällig und macht eine performante Szenarioplanung aufgrund der vielen Aktualisierungsschritte unmöglich. Aus diesen Gründen haben wir die Implementierung einer integrierten Planungssoftware mit als unausweichlich erachtet und so zu einer wesentlich höheren Qualität des Planungszykluses sowie Zeitersparnis beigetragen.“
Rainer Schuster
Corporate Financial Controller
CTS Eventim Austria GmbH