Financial Services

As key player in the company the FP&A team supports the major decisons of the CFO, CEO and the Board of Directors with precise forecasts, analysis, plans and reports. With an integrated business planning solution all kind of data regarding economic and business trends, past company performance, ressource bottlenecks as well as potential problems are considered to shape company’s future financial results. In real-time. Start your proactive planning era.

Key benefits of the controlling solution for the financial service industry

Monitor, evaluate and optimize financial investments

Evaluate complex financial options and scenarios, be capable of making accurate decisions.

Work with key financial ratios such as the debt to equity ratio, current ratio etc.

Work with ‚what if‘ analysis features to simulate portfolio change and use AI to improve forecasts

Simulate project contribution to profit

Monitor and optimize project and portfolio lifecycle and re-evaluate at every process step

React on time to optimize financial and risk impact

Control cost & risk by built in risk management and cluster cost caps

Evaluate opportunities and new market entries

Understand the impact of changes and get the big picture

Benefit of precise, AI-based forecasts incl. backtesting

Consolidate the budgets for all departments, create long-term forecasts, and measure actual results against forecasts.

Do you want to know...?​

How do we perform project-wise?

smartPM Project Performance Management application retrieves project related information from any source system and adds forecasting intelligence to predict project performance in any aspect.

Which projects do we run and why?

More and more companies feel and act ‘project-driven’. It is not always clear who triggered which project and for which purpose. Our solution allows for Project Portfolio Management and Portfolio Balancing.

Which projects will impact our financial result as well as our strategy most?

Top/Flop Reports, Earned Value Analysis and ‘what if’ analysis covering whole project portfolios support any decision to be taken.

Read this top reference:

'As an international bank with more than 3.000 employees in seven countries, our requirements towards a CPM tool are extreme: we want to report, consolidate, forecast, analyse and simulate across several countries, reporting standards, languages and currencies using one technology. So we looked for one tool to cover these requirements and answer my ad-hoc questions in a user-friendly, flexible and fast way.’ team implemented Unit4 FP&A CPM software in a very agile, effective and efficient way. Today we use the software as intended and benefit in more ways from the solution than I expected:’ team turned out to be the perfect partner for us – and the solution is a landmark in a Finance Transformation.'
Christian Kubitschek Addiko Bank
Christian Kubitschek
Group CFO
Addiko Bank