Capacity | Demand Balancing

Our solutions for sales and project driven enterprises help forecast future resource and skill demand, close capacity | demand gaps and help focus on the right projects.

Get updated forecasts that lead to detailed sales plans and strategic production/inventory/backlog and new product development plans. Work with a strategic initiative plan to benefit from a proper financial plan.

If you run a PS department, you need to make estimates regarding future demand and required skills. Whereas the connection to our Sales Performance Forecasting module allows to predict demand based on artificial and human intelligence, capacity and skill information is derived from any source system.

Bridge the gap, simulate any scenario you like and be on top of your projects!

Most companies consider themselves as being ‘project driven’. Still, many of those enterprises lack an overview of the project’s contribution to the overall financial performance. Some even can’t find reasons why some of the projects had been started.

This module sets you on top of your projects, enabling you to manage a single project’s financial success and manage whole project portfolios.

Learn how we have helped other companies

"We have been successfully working with’ Professional Services team for several years, with exceptional results regarding time to completion, agility and business results. As a Professional Services driven company, we use our Performance Management Solution for Budgeting, Reporting, What If Analysis and decision support – it helped us speed up our processes significantly and build a better foundation for our decisions. Even though my time available for the system is scarce because of my role as Group CFO, I personally create new content and administrate the system, since it is easy to use and we benefit from quick results."
Marcel Fäh CFO Helbing Group
Marcel Fäh
Helbling Group - Group CFO, CH