Procurement Performance Management

Our PPM software solution allows to identify cost reduction opportunities, realize savings, reduce risks and complexity. Forecast your savings precisely with integrated AI/Machine learning algorithms. Benefit of simplified processes, advanced analytics and initiative trackers.

Let your procurement team concentrate on key tasks like negotiations and improve department efficiency with seamless online collaboration. Work with one tool for 100% realiable fact-based decision making and simulate any decisions on financial results upfront.


Sales & Operations Performance Management

Our S&OP application allows you to coordinate sales, logistics and industry. It includes all processes to establish the estimated production plan at the tactical, strategic and operational level to get a master plan to best balance demand and offer. Ensure having sufficient stocks of parts and finished goods to absorb the inevitable hazards as well as controlling the mix to maximize profits. Thus establish good production volumes on the product mix for sale. Better respond to market demand in terms of cost, time and quality and avoid underutilization or overstimation of demand. S&OP Performance Management is particularly necessary for international supply chains in an uncertain environment, where production management needs stability and visibility.

Key Benefits of the Procurement Performance Management solution

Increase forecast accuracy of savings by using AI

Advanced analytics, clearly visualized KPIs

Improve decision making by scenario & what-if-analysis

Top-down & Bottom-up planning, Drill-down & Drill-through options

Real-time data & integration into financial planning

Customized and automated reports

Some impressions of the Procurement Performance Management Solution

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Hier klicken
Hier klicken

Balance supply and demand

Connect supply chain planning and execution in manufacturing efficiently

Increase forecast accuracy

Effectively answer what-if questions and simulate scenarios (best case/worst case) to take accurate decisions

Simulate what-if-szenarios and rolling forecasts

Demand upside, supply shortage, allocation yield loss

Reduce bottlenecks

Identify bottlenecks and adjust capacity to demand

Drive revenue growth through clearer focus on high margin products

Profit and Loss statement, Balance-Sheet and Cash-Flow at your fingertips

Inventory and product portfolio optimization

Reduce inventory levels and thus costs

Do you want to know... ?

How much will we save next year? Procurement Performance Management application precisely forecasts procurement savings and constantly monitors realizations. Powerful AI based forecasts help detect deviations at a very early stage.

Which initiatives will help us achieve our targets?

More and more companies feel and act ‘project-driven’. Even Senior Management loves to trigger initiatives to close gaps. Our Solution helps you monitor these initiatives and make them a success.

Are there unmanaged contracts or early termination clauses to influence savings ?

Monitor all contract details like expiration dates, terms and discounts or potential risks with current suppliers. Benefit from the big picture with real time data.

Learn how we have helped other companies

“Our Goal: We didn’t want to rely on spreadsheets anymore and needed to stop inefficient processes. We strived for a single, reliable data set – our ‘Single Point of Truth’. Now that we work with Unit4 Prevero technology, x-checking endless numbers of spreadsheets belongs to the past. The time we won throughout our project with we use for high-value tasks like ad-hoc analysis and improved decision support. Since our project with we save 50-60% on planning time.”
Pascal Speicher Villeroy & Boch Corporate Financial Controller
Pascal Speicher
Villeroy & Boch, Corporate Financial Controller

Sales & Operations Performance Management - Reference Report

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