Go-to-Market Planning

Our Go-to-Market Planning application helps you select potential markets for your existing products or services, calculate the business case and turns strategy into operation. Define top down targets on a region/product level, have future or existing local Management plan bottom up towards your targets, start initiatives and monitor them closely to make your strategy a success.

Key benefits of the Go-to-Market Planning solution

Machine learning algorithms for precise results

Combination of best practice solutions, flexibly adaptable to your requirements

Predict future areas of attention

Prepare decisions and answer ad-hoc questions with scene-based bandwidth planning

Top down target setting per product/region etc.

Top-down planning, driver-based simulations, rolling forecasts

Initiative tracker turns strategy into action

Standardized but flexibly customizable reports for different roles

Smart 'what if' analysis

Work with ‚what if‘ analysis features and use AI to improve forecasts

Include local market intelligence

Control-relevant data, linked internally and externally

Do you want to know...?

Which initiatives will make us successful in a specific target market?

Import Market Characteristics (like number of relevant companies, verticals etc) and match with existing or new product offers.

Which targets for which markets are feasible – at which cost?

Decide on required team structure and calculate Go-to-Market Planning effort out of target sales assumptions.

Which initiatives will make us successful in a specific target market?

Create and monitor key initiatives and assign tasks to relevant players to make success happen.

Learn how we have helped other companies

„As an international bank with more than 3.000 employees in seven countries, our requirements towards a CPM tool are extreme: we want to report, consolidate, forecast, analyse and simulate across several countries, reporting standards, languages and currencies using one technology. So we looked for one tool to cover these requirements and answer my ad-hoc questions in a user-friendly, flexible and fast way.’ team implemented Unit4 prevero CPM software in a very agile, effective and efficient way. Today we use the software as intended and benefit in more ways from the solution than I expected:’ team turned out to be the perfect partner for us – and the solution is a landmark in a Finance Transformation.“
Christian Kubitschek Addiko Bank
Christian Kubitschek
Addiko Bank - Group CFO, Austria