Product Performance Management

Our Product Performance Management application makes your Product Management agile in every aspect. Simulating price changes with comprehensive what-if analysis support, pre-built connection to top down target setting and bottom up planning on product level, a product library as well as a comprehensive standard reporting on product success, make your life as Product Manager easier than ever before.

Unser Produktcontrolling macht Ihr Produktmanagement in jeder Hinsicht agil. Die Simulation der Auswirkung von Preisänderungen mit flexiblen “Was wäre Wenn” Szenarien , vordefinierte Integration mit den Top Down und Bottom Up Planungsfunktionen auf Produktebene, eine Produktbibliothek sowie umfangreiches Standard Berichtswesen machen Ihr Leben als Produktmanager leichter als je zuvor.

Key Benefits of the Product Performance Management

All product performance related information in one library

Top down target
setting per product/region etc.

Smart 'what if'

Compare planned
vs. actual deal sizes

Plan product launches & collaterals needed

Simulate pricing
effects for potential markets

Do you want to know...?

Which products at which prices are sold in which region?’ Product Performance Management application retrieves product related sales information out of the Sales Performance Analysis module, adds product library information from different sources and shows your sales status per product, region, sales rep, channel etc.

Which pricing do we need to apply in which market to achieve overarching sales and market penetration targets?

Expected or demanded deal sizes can be compared with existing deal sizes in similar markets, and smart PM product applies machine learning to recommend pricing suggestions.

Which collaterals are available or missing for which product – and where do we find what?

A product content map helps you plan launch of collaterals, shows single persons of contact for all relevant topics and serves as a product library.

"We plan product launches and the most effective product mix with our own applications - this makes us agile in every aspect and allows for accurate product performance monitoring."
Alexander Hein CEO
Alexander Hein