Sustainability Controlling, Green Controlling

Sustainability controlling monitors and controls the implementation of concepts and strategies for holistic ecological, economic and social sustainability in the company. Scenario simulations, project prioritization according to strategic goals, initiative tracking and KPI dashboards provide support on a strategic and operational level. The smartPM package covers all the requirements of sustainability management, controlling and reporting of quantitative and qualitative KPIs in a fully integrated controlling system. The management makes well-founded decisions on the basis of analyses, simulations, forecasts and sustainability reports.

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In how many and which sustainability projects are we behind target? How is the progress of these projects?

The smartPM solution for sustainability controlling includes a materiality analysis based on strategic company goals and urgency in the form of a matrix. The progress can also be checked with the help of a milestone analysis and suitable initiatives can be set and tracked. The visual project overview supports the ongoing monitoring and optimization of sustainability measures and initiatives. In addition, an impact analysis of sustainability efforts on the company’s results can be carried out for management information purposes.

How do I organize my sustainability reports correctly according to the EU taxonomy regulation?

The GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) is the most widely used standard for sustainability reporting (used by 93% of the 250 largest companies). The content of the report covers various  areas: environmental concerns (e.g. greenhouse emissions, water consumption, air pollution, energy use), social concerns (e.g. gender concerns, working conditions, labor rights), instruments to combat corruption and bribery, labor concerns, respect for human rights and diversity in the workforce personnel selection.

Which key figures are particularly relevant for sustainability controlling?

Key figure cockpits allow the tracking of KPIs in real time, such as workload among staff, capacity bottlenecks, energy costs, CO2 emissions, etc. including an alarm function in the event of deviations.

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