Presales Performance Management - Overcome Scarcity

Which Pre-Sales cases are most promising or relevant from a strategic point of view?


A self learning scoring system which includes several key criteria like expected dealsize, Sales rep's experience and more suggests a prioritization of your Pre-Sales cases.

How much Pre-Sales Support will we need where and when?


Supply vs. Demand forecasts are calculated based on deep learning algorithms and updated weekly based on latest CRM data.


Which skills do we need in the Pre-Sales team - now and in future?


Based on products in pipe per region, the application makes suggestions which skills to ramp up or re-skill at which point of time.

smart PM solutions' PPM application helps you focus on the most important Pre-Sales pitches with a transparent, easy to understand recommendation approach. Bottlenecks in terms of resources and skills can be identified and mitigated early, which allows the team's skills to be developed according to new requirements on time.


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Presales Performance Management