Top CPM solution for Production, Manufacturing & Retail combines BI and Corporate Performance Management content tailored to the needs Manufacturing companies – in one integrated system. All data and departments are seamlessly connected for reliable, collaborative and proactive decision making. Monitor production / projects and simulate their impact on your balance sheet and P/L statement. Forecast demand, changing customer needs or market trends precisely with a ‘best of Human and AI’ planning aproach. Reduce bottlenecks and  optimize your supply chain: save production time, reduce storage costs and speed up delivery time. Simulate any decision upfront and decide on the big picture. Simply improve planning, reporting, analysis and forecasting with just one tool. Benefit from our vast expertise as well as low implementation time and costs. 

Key benefits of the controlling solution for the production, manufacturing & retail industry

Monitor and drive project/product performance

Benefit from state-of-the-art Performance Management inkluding Key Driver Analyisis, Cost- or Timeline Trend Analysis

Simulate decisions and predict future outcome using AI

Work with ‚what if‘ analysis features to simulate market/demand changes and use AI to improve forecasts

Full control of production/retail/manufacturing processes

Optimize the supply chain and control costs

React on time to optimize financial and risk impact

Control cost & risk by built in risk management and cluster cost caps

All in one - connect purchasing, production, shipping and sales.

Link financial, operations and sales plans, improve operational efficiency, meet delivery times, satisfy customer demands

Allocate resources to most profitable products

Assign scarce resources of any type (e.g. skills, capacity, freelancers, material, suppliers) to several products at the same time

Do you want to know...?​

How do we perform product-wise?

smartPM Project Performance Management application retrieves product related information from any source system and adds forecasting intelligence to predict prduct performance in any aspect.

How can we improve our supply chain?

More and more companies feel and act ‘project-driven’. It is not always clear who triggered which project and for which purpose. Our solution allows for Project Portfolio Management and Portfolio Balancing.

Which products will impact our financial result as well as our strategy most?

Top/Flop Reports, Earned Value Analysis and ‘what if’ analysis covering whole product portfolios support any decision to be taken.

Learn how we have helped other companies in the production/manufacturing/retail industry:

"...we wanted to take our whole CPM (‘Corporate Performance Management’) Software architecture to the next level. ... That’s why we selected as our preferred partner. We focus on the three main business requirements ‘Project Calculation’, ‘Project Management’ and ‘Integrated Business Planning’. Our main targets are process optimization, data/decision transparency increase and to unleash core competency of dedicated expert teams in our company. We want to get rid of VBA code, ‘impossible to understand Excel formulae’ and manual input overlap/inconsistency. That’s why we replaced our historically grown reporting and planning framework with modern"
Arbi Araks
Head of Controlling and Finance