Sales Performance Analysis - uncover well-kept secrets

How do we perform right now?


Pre-configured and easy to change dashboards present you Sales related information you really need.

How are we doing compared to last week, month etc?


Standard reports show pipe, revenue, win rate etc. development in exactly the cadence you need to drive your business.


Is there anything we need to adress immediately?


Role tailored dashboards flag issues based on machine learning (reporting on exceptions).


smart PM solutions' SPA application provides you with an accurate, current, correct, relevant and easy to understand Sales Performance status. Depending on your role you will be presented every information you need to decide where to take action. It connects to any CRM system and builds the foundation for our unique, deep learning based sales forecasts included in the Sales Performance Forecasting module of the Sales product stack.


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Sales Performance Analysis - uncover secrets

Sales Performance Analysis - uncover secrets

Sales Performance Analysis