Sales Performance Forecasting  - No need for a crystal ball

With which revenue will we end up in which region, team or product - by the end of any period?


Based on existing pipe and machine learning algorithms, SPF module will create Sales Forecasts per region, product, sales rep etc. and flag issues.

Where and how could we do better?


By closely monitoring win/loss rates and quota achievements, the SPF module draws attention to areas which need immediate or mid-term attention - e.g. products that won't sell anymore in certain regions because of changes in team structure or outdated technology.


How much pipe will we need to make our goals, and should we focus rather on farming or hunting?


SPF module allows for funnel target setting, breaking back the targets into Installed Base and New Business, calculating the number of Marketing Qualified and Sales Accepted leads required.


smart Sales Performance Forecasting application is designed to provide true Sales Performance Management (SPM) on the foundation of Sales Performance Analytics. The module leverages Artificial Intelligence like Deep Learning algorithms as well as the users’ vast expertise to forecast future revenue. At the same time the application will reduce time and cost involved in creating revenue forecasts dramatically. Moreover, it will help increase future revenue by focusing initiatives and tracking results via the built-in initiative tracker and rolling forecasts.


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Sales Performance Forecasting - Crystal ball?