Women in IT at smartPM.solutions

Women, don’t hesitate to open all doors!

A study in Germany reveals that highly educated and qualified women are more likely to apply for positions below their professional qualifications.

But why? Our experience shows that women interpret the requirements in job vacancies more strictly than men. Whereas men ‘sell’ their previous experience, even if they cannot prove it with a certificate, women are generally more reserved. Highly qualified women should be motivated to apply for jobs that match their professional qualifications although they do not fulfil every requirement of the job profile. To work against this trend, some companies phrase their job descriptions ‘understated’ like ‘qualification xy advantageous’ instead of ‘required’. But the most important message for women, especially in IT business, is: Show courage for new situations and overcome limits. Get out of your comfort zone and don’t hesitate to a take a chance. In future you will look back and think ‘it wasn’t difficult after a short setting-in period’ and this short period dosn’t know gender differences. Natalia, Application Designer at smartPM, responsible for the ongoing development and innovative planning methods using AI, says she is one of the few girls in her courses at the University of Vienna – focus on computer and data science, but she cannot imagine a better specialist field. She finds working with clients and within the Application Team really interesting, rich in variety and perfectly suitable for her … no doubts and without any gender-gap.

We at smartPM.solutions try to increase the proportion of women and to motivate female applicants to take the next step as well as to be less doubtful. So … be positive and believe in you. Just apply and we will find the propriate position for you at smartPM.solutions.

Please apply here: https://smartpm.solutions/home/careers

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