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Gain crucial insights for financial planning and management decisions using all of your company data. Accelerate and simplify your planning processes with modern planning software. Rely on field-tested business planning models and experienced consultants (4.9/5 stars project rating and 6.8/7 stars support satisfaction).

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Optimize your planning in one department or in the entire company - xP&A

The smartPM product family adapts perfectly to your requirements. All Performance Management solutions can be used individually and can also be seamlessly connected. We recommend starting on what seems to be the greatest problem and then bringing other important departments on board. Read more about the advantages of smartPM solutions here >>

Integrated Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

A single point of truth creates trust in data, time for value-added analyses and simplifies planning. Simulate the impact of your decisions on the P&L statement, cash flow and balance sheet already in advance. Make quick and correct decisions.

Planning Supply & Demand, Marketing & Sales

Analyze all your marketing activities. Coordinate marketing planning with your capacities and compare them to sales planning. Prepare your purchasing for supply bottlenecks and changes in demand.

Project Portfolio and Risk Controlling

Prioritize your projects and portfolios based on contribution margins and risks. Link your planning with risk and opportunity management. Fulfill your reporting obligations, e.g. in sustainability controlling and consolidation. = smart Performance Management & BI solutions

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Client Reviews of on Raven Intel

We thank our clients for 4,9/5 stars project rating on the indepentend rating platform Raven Intel! Hear more from our happy clients about their experience working with On Raven Intel you can find detailed reviews how our clients rate the project scope, budget and punctuality. 

Have a look at overall rating score as well as an evaluation of our dedicated consulting team.

What does stand for?

‘Since we modernized our financial reporting system, we have received a lot of recognition from our board of directors for this We are now planning fully connected in a single system, which gives us significantly more time for value-adding activities. The next step is to have AI-based planning. We are particularly satisfied with the ‘everything is possible’ mentality of, i.e. all of our requirements are heard and implemented appropriately for our company, the availability and professional competence of all consultants are top.'
Markus Scholler
Head of Finance & Controlling, ORS Group
‘We strongly felt that this project shifted the focus of the discussion. We do no longer discuss the formulae, but recommendations to take action ... We can leverage ad-hoc analysis, and standard reports keep the team on track. Our data is always up to date, which allows for safe decision-making. We can now easily and fast create flexible ad-hoc scenarios in-house.... Company data is instantly available from anywhere. You can work at the data together and don’t have to send Excel spreadsheets back and forth. This leads to a high level of acceptance and trustworthiness.’
Arbi Araks
Head of Finance & Controlling, List GC
'The high flexibility of the software and its intuitive handling convinced all along the line. Data reliability and consistency, and thus the foundation for proper business processes give us an enormous trust for fast and consistent decision making in several planning scenarios. Overall, we profit from completely new insights in our data, explaining better than ever our business units’ status a well as their respective development. In the past, Hirtenberger used data of the previous planning period, partially adjusting the calculations in case: ‘This can not be compared to the extremely transparent procedures in future. Particularly the high expert-skill level of the whole Team, the permanent availability of the employees and last but not least their grounded economic know-how, which was not only very helpful defining the planning processes, convinced us.’
Thomas Weiler
Finance Director, Hirtenberger Group
'To cover our comprehensive Integrated Business Planning requirements (‘xFP&A’) we understood that we needed an innovative planning solution that provides the required automation and flexibility to reduce turnaround time. INNIO chose as the solution provider and implementation partner as they offered the right level of flexibility, automation and from the first interaction it felt like we spoke the same language. Several streams of our digital transformation project have been delivered in less than four months implementation time, including very detailed Revenue Service Planning, Orders and Revenue Equipment Planning/Simulation, COGS, SG&A, B/S and Cash Flow. We are relieved to see all the Excel files go and confident that we can significantly shorten the cycle time for planning and re-forecasting in the near future.’
Janos Venk
VP Group & Jenbacher Controlling

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