AI-powered CPM and SPM applications for integrated planning, analysis and reporting

Report, analyse, plan & forecast with best-rated Corporate Performance Management (CPM) technology. Our CPM and SPM (Sales Performance Management) applications for sales driven companies are designed as a one-stop shop approach for better decision making. Benefit from the experience of hundreds of successfully delivered projects and reduce implementation time and cost with our smart pre-built solutions. Take your forecasts to the next level with artificial AND human intelligence. We support your complete management control cycle on the strategic, tactical and operational levels for the key business processes and deliver our projects with an average implementation time of 3 months. More …

From buzzwords to business benefits: Applied AI in Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Adopting to relevant, game-changing technologies as early as possible is crucial for sales driven companies. From our clients’ feedback to our product demos and relevant summits we know that more and more companies actually switch to AI based forecasting, some even trying to replace traditional forecasts at all. Smart AI technology does not replace Human expertise, but brings comfort, more precise results and improves efficiency.

More than 20% of our team are dedicated AI and statistic experts. By using machine learning methods, challenging patterns in the data set can be identified and where other statistical methods like Holt-Winters Triple Exponential Smothing fail, accurate forecasts can be provided. In our analysis approach more than 40 networks with different structures are tested and the best one for a solid forecast is selected automatically.

Pre-defined and still flexible - our Integrated Business Planning product family

Our solutions have been built for integration, and easily work with other best-in-class-solutions, legacy systems and all CRM-Systems.​

One single user-interface for all of your questions

For a transparent picture of the company’s business status as a solid decision basis all relevant data need to be integrated logically and within one technological framework.

All smartPM modules work with multi-dimensional and multi-attributive data-cubes offering a connected approach of all financial data from different sources (e.g. ERP-system, CRM-system, etc.) in no time, covering forecasting, budgeting and reporting.

smartPM’s modules satisfy the requirements of CEOs, CSOs, CFOs and their teams and show the status of the company and future success potential. 

Many companies still use spreadsheet software, generally Excel, to process data from different sources. This is not only time-consuming for all users involved, but also very error-prone. Regarding this we see a lot of room for improvement for various enterprises.


Advanced Performance Management in Numbers

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Predicting future performance is in our DNA.

Our mission is to deliver outstanding Sales Performance Management and Corporate Performance Management solutions to clients all over the world. We leverage market leading Unit4 Prevero and Microsoft technology and Artificial Intelligence to deliver an end-to-end Performance Management experience for sales driven enterprises.
Starting with Finance-connected Go-to-Market Top-Down target setting, the company’s applications cover Marketing, Sales and Capacity | Demand Balancing  in a one-stop shop approach. This way the whole lifecycle of a (e.g. Software) product or customer can be monitored, predicted and optimized in a unique way.
Our offer provides best in class technology in pre-defined, still easy to configure applications.
Experienced Consultants

Where we stand out provides comprehensive know-how of enterprise sales, integrated financial planning and capacity | demand balancing. We stand out for our constant innovative processes and very experienced consulting team. We are Unit4 Prevero partner and offer customer-centered support. Forecasting future perfomance is in our DNA and we promise overachievement. 

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