Risk Management & - controlling

Legal requirements demand a professional risk management system from you? This is exactly what we specialize in: identify, evaluate and manage your opportunities and risks with a fully integrated system. Simulate opportunities/risks on your company results (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow) and increase your company performance with ongoing monitoring.

Key benefits of the smart risk management and -controlling

Manage risks and opportunities continuously and efficiently

State-of-the-art risk management and -controlling

Simulate and forecast risk impact

Scenario simulations of risks and initiatives on company results

Dashboard with risk value, impact, etc. at aggregated and individual risk level

All KPI and facts individually and beautifully prepared with a drill-down option

Guided workflow with roles and responsibility concept

Fully integrated system: from risk identification to reportig

Risk map: record and prioritize all risks at a glance

Simple traffic lights colors show where the risks are greatest and where action is required

Standardized risk identification, recording, release and standardized reporting

Standardized but flexibly adaptable reports for different roles (CFO, CEO, Controller)

Risk Management and Controlling in 2 minutes:

Do you want to know...?

What risks are we currently facing and where is an urgent need for action?

The smartPM risk management and -controlling system combines opportunities and risks with financial success to form a big picture. Risks can be prioritized in the risk map and initiatives, including follow-up, can be derived.

Is the risk reported by the specialist department actually a risk for the company?

Risks are reported in a standardized way by the specialist department and brought together for evaluation and approval. The risk assessment is both monetary and qualitative and is justified and approved or rejected in a comprehensible manner using standard forms. Transparency and traceability are guaranteed.

Which risks hold the highest financial risks and how can we secure them?

Scenario analyzes show the influence of risks on the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow. Net risk values are also calculated as part of the systematic risk recording and provisions are formed for risks depending on the probability of occurence.

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"At its core, risk management is about performance management. Organizaitons/companies need an effective method and a pragmatic system in order to always know together (as best as possible) which risks are associated with the announced goals. Modern controlling becomes the "guardian of performance ", a vital function of sustainable corporate management, indispensable in dynamic and complex environments."

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