Controlling in times of crises

Covid19, gas crisis and so on! What about our liquidity? Do we have to adapt our production and what are the acute risks? Do you have all the answers to control-related questions ready? Find out how the ongoing crises are affecting your sales targets, liquidity, dividend payments, production plans and personnel situation – and whether these are threatening your company’s existence.

The smartPM package for “Controlling in Crisis” provides you with all relevant internal and external information to prepare for and during crises. Run through different scenarios and evaluate their impact on the company’s bottom line. Control actively instead of just reacting. In our current Whitepaper, you can read in 7 steps how you can successfully deal with external crises in controlling.

Modern, connected, solid and easy to use CPM solution in times of crisis

7 steps to managing a crisis in planning

With over 25 years of Finance experience Alexander Hein is willing to share his personal insights during an exclusive 1 on 1.

How we help our clients in times of crisis:

Learn more about how to properly deal with external crises (e.g. Covid-19 crisis, gas crisis, etc.) and the 7 steps for managing crises in planning in the Whitepaper.

Learn everything about "Controlling in times of crisis" in this webinar.
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This is the time for acting, for captains who know how to deal with storms. In case your company manages to economically survive times like these, then it’s probably because of you. FP&A experts and their CPM systems make the difference in tough times – they prepare everything it needs to take the appropriate decisions.

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