Analysis and Reporting

Would you like your current monthly report to be completed promptly and automatically? Do you want accurate reports without uncertainties? With smartPM you optimize and accelerate your reporting and analysis process. Focus on value-added analysis and recommendations instead of bringing data together. Automation and standardization (ICBS standards) relieve you and your colleagues with reports at the push of a button for different user roles – so-called self-service reporting. Ad-hoc analyzes and drill-down reports for management are easily created/changed and can be called up quickly.

The integrative smartPM solutions have standard report formats that can be flexibly adapted to your requirements and corporate CI.

Precisely. Timely. Simple.

Accelerated reporting entails agile decision-making

Data trust and cooperation through a single point of truth

Automation and standardization

Ad-hoc reports for spontaneous management requests

Self-service reporting with different user roles


What changes with this reporting and analysis tool compared to Excel?

Many companies manually and time-consumingly merge their data from Excel files, check them and then create reports. The final end-of-month reports are often not available until the middle of the next month. Then come the analyzes and the crucial conclusions. Trust in the data is not always given.

With the integrated analysis and reporting system from, everyone works together in one system with a reliable database – the single point of truth. Using self-service, users can access reports, ad-hoc inquiries and analyzes quickly and easily. The focus is on value-adding analyses, scenario comparisons and decision preparation. The workload pyramid is flipping.

Report faster and more accurately, analyze, plan and budget in a way that adds value

Simplified budgeting, planning, reporting and analysis – you can find out more about this in this expert talk with List GC’s Head of Controlling & Finance.

Controlling expert talk List GC

Transparent. Reliable. Value Adding.

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