Flexible Rolling Forecasts for Agile Planning

Creating Real Value in Controlling with Dynamic Rolling Forecasts. Discover the Why in this Brief Blogpost.

In the fast-paced world of business, staying ahead requires a fresh approach to financial management. Dynamic rolling forecasts emerge as a solution to the uncertainties faced in the ever-changing business landscape, offering a flexible and precise alternative to traditional predictions.

But why choose dynamic rolling forecasts, and how do they work?


Traditional forecasts, conducted 1-3 times a year, can quickly become outdated in our rapidly evolving environment. Dynamic rolling forecasts step in to bridge this gap. They’re updated regularly, often monthly or even continuously, providing flexibility in both frequency and duration. Plus, they’re user-friendly – easily configured by the finance team without the need for programming skills.


Dynamisch-rollierende Forecasts

Opex Planning with Dynamic Rolling Forecasts,

So, what's the advantage?

  • Swift Response: Dynamic rolling forecasts empower finance teams to respond promptly to changes in demand, market conditions, or other influencing factors.

  • Better Risk Management: Continuous updates allow for a more accurate identification of risks, enabling real-time riskmitigation.

  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Keeping the team consistently up-to-date ensures resources are distributed more efficiently.

  • Strategic Adaptability: The flexibility of dynamic rolling forecasts allows continuous optimization of strategies, adapting to changing market conditions. 

Success Story:


A standout example comes from the ROSEN Group, where adopting dynamic rolling forecasts strengthened their competitive edge. After a digital transformation, the Head of Financial Analysis at ROSEN Germany shared, “Planning and forecast cycles have massively shortened. We appreciate the ability to plan continuously and issue flexible rolling forecasts.” This approach provides greater agility in financial management by enabling proactive responses to changing circumstances. A Financial Controller at ROSEN Germany added, “We are very satisfied with the user-friendliness and flexibility of our new system. No comparison to before!”


Planning Cockpit

Planning Cockpit,

Discover Dynamic Rolling Forecasts and Agile Planning


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Flexible Rolling Forecasts for Agile Planning

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