Certified Top-Partner of Jedox for Software Implementation & Development

One of our market-leading technology partners is Jedox. The excellently rated and, according to BARC studies, market-leading CPM & BI technology platform offers well thought-out and flexible controlling software solutions. Jedox is open to the upgrade of standard solutions by partners, such as project portfolio controlling and S&OP management content. These are also offered on the Jedox Marketplace. For the implementation of the Jedox technology, Jedox selects competent and certified development and implementation partners. smartPM.solutions is a certified top partner. This partner level requires a technologically and economically highly qualified team with a lot of project experience in controlling. Test-drive Jedox with the trial version of the Jedox software on the Jedox Marketplace or contact our Jedox experts for an expert talk.

Key benefits of Jedox technology combined with upgrades and excellent consulting from smartPM.solutions

AI-based Forecasts & Improvement of Data Quality

AIssisted Planning: Machine learning algorithms improve your forecast & data quality

Scenario Analysis, Rolling Forecasts, Initative Tracking for agile and proactive decision support

Data-driven, agile and reliable decision making using state-of-the-art methods and features

Fully Integrated smartPM.solutions for Business Planning enhance Jedox core technology

Use one integrated Jedox System for integrated planning, forcasting, budgeting, consolidation, analysis

Jedox = market-leading Technology smartpm.solutions = best practice business content + excellent consulting

We stand out by highest competence and best partnership

Project- and Program Performance Management, S&OP, Procurement etc.

Use all smartPM.solutions (modules) either stand alone or combined as bundle

One single point of truth - all departments and sources seamlessly connnected

Connect all systems & departments and gain deep insights into your data

Impressions from the Jedox technology upgraded by smartPM's solutions

S&OP Management and Project/Program Performance Management - smart upgrades of the Jedox standard

Our Partner Jedox says:

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