Placing in top tier in both partner programs – Unit4 FP&A and Jedox

Is it difficult for you to differentiate between the various controlling software providers? Since it is our everyday business, we know the differences well. As an independent consulting company, we select the best CPM technology providers for our FP&A projects and to develop our customer-centric and individually adaptable  

Our CPM technology partners are market leaders and have excellent analyst ratings (BARC: The Planning Survey 2020). We select the specialists in their field and combine the common know-how. That is why we chose Jedox and Unit4 FP&A as base technologies for our solutions. Both companies are top CPM software providers and share our customer-centric attitude as well as our passion for well-thought-out, fast and integrated controlling. After hundreds of successful projects, our consulting team is well trained on both software technologies. It quickly captures the requirements of the customer, brings in technical and business know-how and implements the right CPM solution in a short time (on average in 29 consultation days). Have a look at our customer ratings (reviews from independent RavenIntel, 4.8 out of 5 stars)Our technology partners also appreciate the competent team and have chosen us as top partners: 

Diamond Partner of Jedox and Elite Partner of Unit4 FP&A

We are pleased about the top ranking in the respective partner programs of our technology partners. In Unit4 FP&A’s newly developed partner program, we reach the highest level of partnership – the elite partnership. This level is only assigned to partners who achieve a consistently high level of customer satisfaction with all customers they serve and who handle all three relevant areas: go-to-market, product and innovation and service & delivery projects. is a reseller, implementation partner and support provider for Unit4 products and services. The smartPM team extends the Unit4 FP&A range with specially developed solutions and thereby enriches the core range with a lot of know-how. The focus is on optimizing functions for maximum customer benefit and performance. 

As another market-leading technology partner, we chose Jedox. The excellently rated CPM technology platform offers sophisticated and flexible CPM solutions. Jedox is open to the further development of standard solutions by partners and is just as happy to roll up the sleeves and give it all for the customer, as we are – the best prerequisite for a fruitful partnership. The trial version of the software offered by Jedox enables a first glimpse into the integrated CPM software. As a Diamond Partner, also works in the highest partner level. This partner level requires a trained, qualified team with a lot of experience in the areas of CPM and BI. = quality work you can depend on

Quality always prevails. The magic triangle of market-leading technology, tried-and-tested solutions and excellent consulting from guarantees the success of the introduced CPM solution and satisfied customers. We have often seen that the advantages which a CPM software solution should bring were wasted through poorly qualified consultancy services. On the other hand, mediocre software with good advice is also not useful. That is why we decided to combine the preselection of the best technology with the best advice. Our customers appreciate not only the good mood and the know-how in the projects with our consultants, but also the massive time and cost savings through the maximum of transparency and insights into all relevant company data. 

The developed modules are practice-oriented, easy to use and include the latest knowledge from science and practice (e.g. artificial intelligence in planning). Our own application design team takes care of that. Planning, analysis, reporting, forecasting, budgeting and consolidation can be covered in one fell swoop. The product range extends from project controlling and portfolio optimization, S&OP, sales forecasts with artificial intelligence and sales controlling to marketing controlling – and can be combined to create a real integrated corporate planning. You can find the entire product overview here >> 

>> More details about our 6-steps controlling approach you’ll find in this whitepaper 

Thank you to our partners!

We are very happy about the good cooperation with our technology partners and look forward to many more successful years of cooperation. If you are looking for a reliable, competent partner for your company or would like advice on your CPM requirements, please contact us. Non-binding but certainly with a big eye-opening effect for you. 

Read more about our controlling approach in the CPM white paper >> 

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