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The more you seamlessly connect the better the decision - Integrated Business Planning

The key is to create a decision support system that helps focus on highest value tasks like increasing margin or selecting the most promising products/markets/channels etc.

Although experienced MS Excel users can come up with impressively clever solutions, the required testing effort, dependence on individual know-how and system inherent repeated cloning of workbooks clearly speak against this approach. When adopting new systems, customers find it particularly important for planning, reporting and analysis to work in one fully integrated technical framework. The software solution should address all performance-relevant demands including Sales, Marketing, Product Management and HR as well as Capacity | Demand Balancing, Project Performance and Risk Management – and connect everything via Integrated Financial Planning.' product family - have a closer look...

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Starting with Finance-connected Go-to-Market Top-Down target setting, our applications cover Marketing, Sales and Capacity | Demand Balancing in a one-stop shop approach. Collect, integrate, analyse, plan, simulate and forecast information with more speed, ease and precision. This way the whole lifecycle of a (e.g. Software) product or customer can be monitored, predicted and optimized in an unique way. Our offer provides best in class technology in pre-defined, still easy to configure applications which we created based on the experience of many projects. We integrate the latest scientific results (e.g. Artificial Intelligence) and state-of-the art statistical methods to predict future results – and optimize them by leveraging the included initiative tracker.

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A lot of big advantages -Integrated Business Planning

Based on the latest scientific research and a lot of knowledge from practical experience with many customers from different industry sectors, the most essential requirements and best-practice solutions were integrated into ‘smart PMs Advanced Corporate Performance Management (CPM)’ model. The best rated[1] Unit4 Prevero platform serves as basis for the proposed ‘Advanced Performance Management’ (CPM) product family. It covers both BI (e.g. reporting & dashboarding) as well as CPM requirements (like AI supported forecasting) of all business departments within a company or group of legal entities. Users from specialist departments can easily work with the software even if they don’t have any programming skills.

[1] BARC (2019), BARC Score DACH Integrated Planning and Business Intelligence 2019

What our clients say ...

“The main benefit is that now everything is in one system. Both the key figures and the corporate planning derived strategy goals, etc. You can get target-actual comparisons within the same system. The transfer from one system to another is no longer necessary. You no longer use a wide variety of systems for planning, key figure analysis, etc. I would recommend having a look at Unit4 Prevero and request them to work with Because we really felt being in good hands there and we are still convinced that the experts sitting there really helped us.”
Taner Yilmaz Director Controlling GWG Wuppertal
Taner Yilmaz
GWG Wuppertal, Director Controlling

Listen to Taner Yilmaz, Director Controlling & Central Adminstration  and Jean Seidel, Manager FP&A from GWG Wuppertal, on Integrated Planning with (german version with english subtitles)

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Deciding for the “right” CPM-software is challenging. Pre-built solutions based on flexible CPM-software offer the best mix of predefined standard SPM & CPM features and the flexibility most companies need to adopt a system to their requirements. For all stakeholders of Corporate Performance Management, the workload will be reduced and direct managerial control (e.g. scenario-comparison, what-if-analysis, standard reporting etc.) is a main benefit.