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Whitepaper 'The xP&A approach': 4 steps guide to fully Integrated Business Planning

Based on the latest scientific research and a lot of knowledge from practical experience with many customers from different industry sectors, the most essential requirements and best-practice solutions were integrated into smartPMs xP&A model.

Best rated technology platforms serve as basis for the smartPM product family. It covers both BI (e.g. reporting & dashboarding) as well as CPM requirements (like AI supported forecasting) of all business departments within a company or group of legal entities. Users from specialist departments can easily work with the software even if they don’t have any programming skills.


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Listen to Taner Yilmaz, Director Controlling & Central Adminstration  and Jean Seidel, Manager FP&A from GWG Wuppertal, on Integrated Planning with (german version with english subtitles)

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Deciding for the “right” Corporate Performance Management Software is challenging (read more in a recent blog post). Our experience shows, that project success is a combination of a high-quality CPM software solutions AND a top implementation team. smartPM is well known for their highly skilled, trusted team offering more performance, efficiency and higher quality.