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Get helpful advice and hands-on recommendations in our online trainings/webinars. Learn from case studies of other clients and discover more efficient approaches to analysis, planning, forecasting and reporting.

Improve your knowledge about AI-based applications and how your company can benefit from more precise forecasts. Watch our solutions and learn how easy data handling and truly integrated business planning can be.

Interested in our LIVE Online Trainings? Check out this quick overview of our upcoming sessions:

Sales & Operations Essentials - 5 Steps to S&OP Success [english]
26/1/202316:00 Register
Planning, BI & Reporting with Power BI [english]
1/3/202316:00 Register
Procurement Performance Management - how to set it up professionally and systematically [english]
9/3/202316:00 Register
Project Performance Management in a nutshell [english]
16/3/202316:00 Register
Integrated Business Planning - "xP&A" connects all loose ends to one big picture [english]
23/3/202316:00 Register
Project Performance Management in a nutshell [english]
11/5/202316:00 Register

Watch one of our PRE-RECORDED Online-Trainings:

Performance Management

Online Training
How to get the best

out of your projects
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 41:20 Minutes

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