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S&OP Performance Management

Sales & Operations in it’s essence is about balancing supply and demand. No matter whether you sell goods or services, gaps between capacity and market demand need to be forecasted properly and closed quickly. Our Sales & Operations Performance Management allows to better align the strategic and operational plans. It helps to deliver the right quantities of the right product or service to the right customer at the right time, without stockpiling unnecessary inventory.

Get updated forecasts that lead to detailed sales plans and strategic production/inventory/backlog and new product development plans. Work with a strategic initiative plan to benefit from a proper financial plan.

Key benefits of the Sales & Operations Perfromance Management solution

Balance supply and demand

Efficiently connect supply chain planning and execution in manufacturing

Increase forecast accuracy

Effectively answer what-if questions and simulate scenarios (best case/worst case) to take accurate decisions

Simulate what-if-scenarios and rolling forecasts

Demand increase, supply shortage, allocation yield loss

Reduce bottlenecks

Identify bottlenecks and adapt capacity to demand

Drive revenue growth through clearer focus on high margin products

Profit and Loss statement, Balance-Sheet and Cash-Flow at your fingertips

Inventory and product portfolio optimization

Reduce inventory levels and thus costs

The way to the highest S&OP maturity - in 90 seconds

Do you want to know... ?

How big is the gap between supply and demand now and in future? Sales & Operations Performance Management application constantly monitors supply vs. demand and reveals gaps automatically. Powerful AI based forecasts help detect gaps at a very early stage.

Which initiatives will help us achieve our targets?

More and more companies feel and act ‘project-driven’. Even Senior Management loves to trigger initiatives to close gaps between top down and bottom up approaches. Our Solution helps you monitor these initiatives and make them a success.

Why wouldn’t Sales, SCM and Finance align internally?

Top/Flop Reports, Earned Value Analysis and ‘what if’ Analysis covering whole project portfolios support any decision to be taken.

Learn how we have helped other companies

“Our goal: we wanted to move away from spreadsheets, eliminate inefficient processes, striving for one reliable data set and a single point of truth. Now we work with Unit4 Prevero technology and save a lot of time that we used to spend on double and triple checking multiple Excel lists. Since the project with, we have gained valuable time that we now use for high-value tasks and work with our data in terms of content and analysis for improved decision support. We have gained about 50-60% in planning time after our joint project with”.
Pascal Speicher Villeroy & Boch Corporate Financial Controller
Pascal Speicher
Villeroy & Boch, Corporate Financial Controller

Sales & Operations Performance Management - Reference Report

Learn everything you need to know about a successful S&OP Performance Management in this webinar. These are our upcoming dates:

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