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Tailored solutions for Energy Supply & Public Utility Companies

Change becomes the rule for Energy Supply Providers: digitalisation, energy efficiency & renewable energy concepts, regulations and unbundling characterize the industry. The smartPM team has more than 20 years of experience providing specialized knowledge and fully connected solutions for energy supply providers. With our best-practice energy supply solution approach we improve efficiency, forecast accuracy and profitability as well as investment return. CFOs get deep insights by the combination of Performance Management and Business Intelligence supporting decisions with 100% reliability and in real-time.

Modern, connected, solid and easy to use CPM solution for Energy Supply & Public Utility Companies

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Energy Supply - Case studies:

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For how many and which facilities is the construction budget at risk? What is the progress in these projects?

With smartPM’s Performance Management solution for energy supply companies you can set budget caps according to strategic goals and relevance.  A comprehensive visual project overview supports the ongoing monitoring and optimisation of projects, measures and initiatives.

Which value drivers affect ROCE or EVA?

Managing investments, effort and risk. The ROCE value driver tree identifies the most influential factors on invested capital. In addition to the return on equity, there are other important key figures such as the quality of supply, plant utilisation, environmental sustainability and plant performance.

How will the future energy demand in households develop? How do I acquire, develop and retain lucrative customers (according to customer value)? 

KPI cockpits enables the tracking of KPIs / scarce resources in real time, such as CAPEX, employee skills and costs, plant utilisation intensity, capacity, energy costs, ROCE, contribution margin for special contract customers, load profile level, etc., including an alarm function in case of deviations.

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