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Benefit from integrated financial planning experience in various business areas
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Tailored business planning and reporting solutions for your industry

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) processes, value drivers and KPIs are different in each industry. Our success formula is adaption. We provide a lot of project experience in the industries listed below, with dedicated consultant teams in each field of specialisation. Look into the reviews of some of our valued customers at the independent rating platform Raven Intel. Get the most out of your data, new insights, reduce repetitive and error-prone manual tasks and start proactive and reliable decision making. We are the right partners for you. 

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Energy Supply & Public Utilities

Leverage different FP&A content for sales or power supply grid related businesses - like revenue or program planning
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Technology & Software

Accelerate growth with precise AI-based forecasts, improve transparency and flexibility in sales and operations.
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Production & Manufacturing

Forecast demand, changing customer needs or market trends precisely, reduce bottlenecks and  optimize your supply chain.
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Professional Services

Work with key value drivers like util rates and payroll, resource planning and forecasting. Balance supply and demand. e.g. with upskilling.
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Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Handle innovation processes efficiently. Benefit from scenario analysis, project portfolio optimization and precise AI-based forecasts.
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Education & Culture

A 'student's life' from an FP&A perspective, special forecasting content for ticket sales driven enterprises and all about HR planning
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Financial Services

P/L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow look and work way different for banks - our business content reflects these industry specific requirements
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A few impressions across the industries

Manufacturing: Contribution Margin in € and units
Construction cost controlling
Manufacturing: Production Plan Safety stock
Funnel monitoring
Precise AI based Forecasts