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‘If you find yourself in a hole, you better stop digging.’

Why Austrian LIST GC starts a CPM project during a global crisis.

Whereas it’s obvious that we will understand the full impact of the current COVID-19 crisis only ex-post, we have experienced throughout other exogenous shocks within the past 20 years, that standard procedures will not help us survive from a business perspective. Early adopters will gain competitive advantages in times where whole business approaches need to be re-worked.

List General Contractor (List GC) is an Austrian family-owned business operating on an international scale. With their headquarters in Bad Erlach, Lower Austria, LIST GC furnish exclusive motor and sailing yachts as well as exquisite apartments and residences with extraordinary feats of engineering and superb craftsmanship. As a general contractor, LIST GC offers everything from a single source – from planning and project management to production and assembly.

This is how LIST GC’s Head of Controlling & Finance, Arbi Araks, approaches the crisis: ‘If you find yourself in a hole, you better stop digging.’ OR ‘Attack is the best form of defence.’

Video "Top 7 hands-on Suggestions for FP&A Experts in Times of Crisis..."

Attracts wide interest: More than 100 participants per webinar.

Arbi Araks

Head of Controlling & Finance, LIST GC

‘Both mottoes mean that we rather should act, since any crisis offers opportunities. Thus, and because of a proper backlog, we want to take our whole CPM (‘Corporate Performance Management’) Software architecture to the next level. We have invested a lot of time and effort for skilling up our team throughout the past years, now we want to support them with state-of-the-art software. That’s why we have selected as our preferred partner.

We focus on the three main business requirements ‘Project Calculation’, ‘Project Management’ and ‘Integrated Business Planning’. Our main targets are process optimization, data/decision transparency increase and to unleash core competency of dedicated expert teams in our company. We want to get rid of VBA code, ‘impossible to understand Excel formulae’ and manual input overlap/inconsistency. That’s why we replace our historically grown reporting and planning framework with modern
As early adopters we expect major benefits and strong competitive advantages for LIST GC as a result of our cooperation with smartPM.’

We are grateful to been selected as business partner by LIST GC and very much looking forward to delivering the common project throughout the upcoming weeks.

Related to ‘how to survive Corona as an enterprise’ we have collected selected advice, hands-on suggestions and business templates in our COVID-19 First Aid Kit for FP&A Experts. Please feel free to watch our online trainings or read our whitepaper covering ultra-short-term cash forecasts, modified demand planning/forecasting, supply adjustments, short-time work (‘Kurzarbeit’) and scenario based ‘what-if’ analysis as part of our truly integrated business planning approach – or book a meeting directly in my diary.

Some impressions of our solutions adressing FP&A requirements throughout exogenous shocks.

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