COVID-19 Crisis: Hands on Suggestions for FP&A Experts
Everything FP&A Experts need to master the crisis - from an organizational and technical perspective.

Short-time Work, Cash Monitoring, Demand Push & Production Adjustment: Everything at once?

In case your business is not about producing germicide, toilet paper or other stuff everybody seems to desperately need these days, it’s most likely your company is impacted by Corona in a threatening way. The changes and adjustments many companies need to make regarding revenue targets, dividend payments, production plans and staff because of COVID-19 are tremendous – and possibly threatening to their continued existence.

What can FP&A and Control departments do in these times to help? They need to assume their role as true business partners to the management, by gathering all information available (internal & external), running through different scenarios, comparing the outcomes and make recommendations on how to steer the business in these volatile times.

Check out our free resources with hands-on suggestions from Finance guys for FP&A experts. Watch a re-live online training of our CEO, who walks you through seven hands-on suggestions for FP&A experts to master the crisis, or read our respective Whitepaper. It’s on you to switch from passive ‘react’ mode to ‘drive’.

Recorded Online Training

Get access to a pre-recorded video of our CEO Alexander Hein, diving into the details of active crisis management for FP&A Managers.
Alexander Hein, CEO of, explains his top 7 hands-on tips for FP&A Experts to act in volatile times and crises like COVID-19. Learn how FP&A departments can assume their role as active business partners.
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Whitepaper COVID-19

Our insightful Whitepaper aggregates the expertise of our consultants for times like these - and provides the knowledge required.
Condensed on 16 pages you will find the insights and hands-on tips essential for FP&A Experts to drive business in volatile times. like Integrated Financial Planning or S&OP PM enable rapid decision taking.
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Personal 1 : 1 with our CEO

Get the unique chance to book your personal appointment with our CEO Alexander Hein and profit from his extensive experience.
With over 25 years of Finance experience and more than 170 successfully delivered projects, Alexander Hein is willing to share his personal insights during an exclusive 1 on 1. Don't miss the chance, slots in his diary fill fast and the offer is limited.
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How we help our clients in times of Corona:

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