Integrated Financial Planning

Our pre-configured Integrated Financial Planning (‘IFP’) application allows to operate any sales driven business in full control, connecting all departments and expert estimates – for Actuals and Budgets, and any planning cadence.
Replace numerous complex Excel spreadsheets with 100 % data reliability and work with scenarios: Leverage advanced planning methods like Top Down Target-setting, Rolling Forecasts, ‘What if’ Analysis and the built-in Initiative Tracker & Planning Diary. Benefit from fully synced Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.


Integrated Financial Planning

Our IFP application allows you to operate any sales driven business in full control, connected to all other departments. Work with scenarios, leverage advanced planning methods like top down target setting, forecast versus history, ‘what if’ analysis and the built-in initiative tracker and planning diary to create income statement, balance sheet and Cash Flow statement with no extra effort.

Key benefits of the Integrated Financial Planning solution​

Connected Planning & Reporting: One single point of truth

Get the big picture by connecting all relevant data sources and departments

'What if' analysis and scenario comparison

Effectively answer what-if questions and simulate scenarios (best case/worst case) to take accurate decisions

Advanced planning methods

Define Top-Down targets, leverage rolling forecasts and define key value drivers for your business

Pre-built content, easy to change

Benefit from best-practice solutions based on hundreds of projects' lessons learned

Truly integrated financial planning

Profit and Loss statement, Balance-Sheet and Cash-Flow at your fingertips

Drive your business: monitor, plan, act, execute

Speed up forecast cadence, decide on proper data, reduce planning cost & time

Do you want to know...?

How are we going to perform overall throughout the next years?

IFP connects information across all relevant departments (Sales, OPEX, Finance etc) to provide accurate forecasts and budgets resulting in automatically integrated Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements.

In which business areas do we need to improve or change?

By shedding some light on different lines of business, IFP module allows for focussing business initiatives on the LOB’s which need focus.

In our company many departments run their own forecasts, based on legacy tools and methods. Really tough to connect, keep up to date and quality assure the differents sources and approaches. How can we adress these issues?

Working with’ IFP module means focussing on one ‘version of truth’. Everybody connects to the same planning environment and contributes to the quality of the whole organization’s forecasts.

Learn how we have helped other companies

“We demand a lot from a CPM tool: it needs to allow for mid- and long-term bottom line simulation, including financial derivates impact analysis. We expect the system to connect data and experts from several departments and take our existing, spreadsheet based approach to the next level: this is what we call true integrated business planning.’ Professional Services team has built a fully functional prototype with our data in no time, including balance sheets for several periods. Because of their obvious expert know how in connected planning and Unit4 Prevero it was an easy decision for us. We expect to be able to work with the system in a few weeks.”
Wilhelm Bayer S-IMMO AG Head of Finance and Controlling
Wilhelm Bayer
S-IMMO AG, Head of Finance and Controlling
One integrated platform. Reduced planning time. 100% data reliability. Precise analysis & forecasts.

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