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What we do - in a nutshell

You prefer working with financial controllers over Nerds or Bullshit-Bingo-Strategy-Consultants?
The same goes for us. smartPM.solutions stands for smart Corporate Performance Management & BI solutions from controllers to controllers. Passion for xP&A makes the whole smartPM Team special.

What makes us different

As we know the CPM-platform-market inside out, with all the differentiators of the tools, we decided to hand-pick market-leading technologies for our clients. As a vendor-agnostic company we selected Unit4 FP&A (Prevero), Jedox and Microsoft Power BI as core technologies to ensure your FP&A success. Our experience shows, that working with different technologies best adresses the very unique needs and requirements of our clients.

We learned, that the secret of project-success is a combination of professional CPM-Technology and our highly-skilled, extraordinary dedicated consulting team. With more than 500 successfully completed projects our team guarantees for an efficient, cooperative, successful and short implementation process – usually taking just a few months. For us, every client is very important, not one of many. Thus, our clients are very satisfied and endorse us with the best references and rating scores.

Continuous development and improvement

As smartPM.solutions has their own application design team, we can perfectly tailor pre-built solutions to your individual needs. Our mission is to enable you to monitor and control all areas of your company performance-wise – and therefore free up time for highes value tasks. Together with our data scientists, our application designers continously upgrade our best-in-class solutions, e.g. with seamlessly integrated Artificial Intelligence for precise forecasts within complex data models.


Trust in smartPM.solutions - 8 Good reasons:

Best rated, higly competent consulting team

We listen carefully & follow through. Very experienced consulting team with > 500 projects closed and very happy customers.
Meet our consulting team >>

Hand-picked market-leading technology-partner

Selected, market-leading CPM-technology and low total cost of ownership. As we are technology-independent, we provide neutral advice.
Partner-Technologies >>

100% data reliability - one integrated platform connecting all data sources

Predefined, but still flexible best-practice solutions - easily configurable with standard Excel knowledge. All data on one platform in realtime.
Solutions >>

50-60% time-saving in planning processes

Our clients realized high time and cost savings with our professional solutions. Have a look at our references.
Reference >>

Precise Analysis and Forecasts at your fingertips

Our dedicated data-science team takes care of the continuous improvement of our applications, forecast quality etc.
Precise Results >>

Artificial Intelligence based planning

A lot of people talk about AI in planning - we apply AI. Ask for references! Or read our new whitepaper.
AI-based planning >>

Rapid implementation

Implementation time of Ø 3 months. Our consultants are very experienced with a sound economical & technical background.
Consulting >>

Ad-hoc decision making

Highly flexible software solutions, easily adaptable for better decision making (e.g. to tackle exogenous shocks like COVID-19)
COVID-19 First Aid >>

smartPM is well known for their blue elefant

Neumarkt, Germany
Mexico City
Den Haag, NL
Found a new friend 🙂
Bergen, Norway
at DOF
On his trip to Singapore
Den Haag, NL
Oulu, near the Arctic Circle
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Germany - Mannheim
cat Lilly fell in love

Our blue mascot travels the world and wins the hearts of our customers and prospects from Singapore, on through Mexico, to Switzerland, and of course, Germany. The blue Smartofant stands for our clever & powerful software solutions and for excellent consulting services.

Meanwhile, there are numerous photos of the smartofant’s journey and we get submissions from all around the world. We have selected some highlights of our smartofant’s jouney for you.

Smartofant Mascot of smartPM solutions

Christmas 2021: The Smartofant is busy in the elf workshop

Learn how we have helped other companies

“The improvements after our project with smartPM.solutions are that the numbers are much more reliable, we are faster, and we have more time to deal with the results. For me personally working with the new planning software is a lot of fun. I have learned that the system is very flexible and that you can start ad-hoc analyses or link numbers at a speed that is not possible in any other planning system. You can click on a number in the report and then a completely different diagram is shown. That’s impressive. ”
Jean Seidel GWG Wuppertal Manager FP&A
Jean Seidel
GWG Wuppertal, Manager FP&A