Predicting future performance is in our DNA.

Our Mission - Who we are offers intelligent, completely integrated Sales- and Corporate Performance Mangagement (SPM & CPM) Solutions and supports sales-oriented companies in the fields of Integrated Planning, Analysis, Forecasting and Reporting. Based on the excellent technologies of Unit4 FP&A (Prevero), Jedox and Microsoft and by using Artificial Intelligence, products and solutions are developed enabling clients to monitor and control all areas of a company and therefore allow for the concentration on high-priority tasks; at the same time acts as a global implementing partner of Unit4 Prevero and additionally as its reseller. A very experienced consulting team and more than 400 successfully completed projects guarantee for very short implementing times of just a few months. Our clients are e.g. Addiko-Bank, Hirtenberger Group, Lürssen, Square Enix, Kirchdorfer Industries, Austrian Institute of Technology, Pfeiffer Holding, Helbling, City of Dortmund as well as Villeroy & Boch.

We offer pre-defined but still easy to configure applications. Starting with Finance-connected Go-to-Market Top-Down target setting, the company’s applications cover Marketing, Sales and Capacity | Demand Balancing in a one-stop shop approach. This way the whole lifecycle of a (e.g. Software) product or customer can be monitored, predicted and optimized in a unique way.

Our team consists of very experienced Data Scientists and Senior CPM Consultants, who use deep learning algorithms (Artificial Intelligence) and most recent statistical methods to predict their clients’ future results – and optimize them by leveraging the included initiative tracker. Predicting future performance is in our DNA. 

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Neumarkt, Germany
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Den Haag, NL

Our blue mascot travels the world and wins the hearts of our customers and prospects from Singapore, on through Mexico, to Switzerland, and of course, Germany. The blue Smartofant stands for our clever & powerful software solutions and for excellent consulting services.

Meanwhile, there are numerous photos of the smartofant’s journey and we get submissions from all around the world. We have selected some highlights of our smartofant’s jouney for you.

Smartofant Mascot of smartPM solutions

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“The improvements after our project with are that the numbers are much more reliable, we are faster, and we have more time to deal with the results. For me personally working with the new planning software is a lot of fun. I have learned that the system is very flexible and that you can start ad-hoc analyses or link numbers at a speed that is not possible in any other planning system. You can click on a number in the report and then a completely different diagram is shown. That’s impressive. ”
Jean Seidel GWG Wuppertal Manager FP&A
Jean Seidel
GWG Wuppertal, Manager FP&A