Predicting future performance is in our DNA.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver outstanding Sales Performance Management and Corporate Performance Management solutions to clients all over the world. Predicting future performance is in our DNA: we leverage market leading Unit4 Prevero and Microsoft technology to deliver an  end-to-end Performance Management experience for sales driven enterprises.

Starting with Finance-connected Go-to-Market Top-Down target setting, the company’s applications cover Marketing, Sales and Professional Services Performance Management in a one-stop shop approach. This way the whole lifecycle of a (e.g. Software) product or customer can be monitored, predicted and optimized in a unique way.

Our team consists of very experienced Data Scientists and Senior CPM Consultants, who use deep learning algorithms (Artificial Intelligence) and most recent statistical methods to predict their clients’ future results – and optimize them by leveraging the included initiative tracker.
We are the world’s largest Unit4 prevero implementation partner regarding available skilled Consultants.

Our offer provides best in class technology in pre-defined, still easy to configure applications, which we created based on the experience of several hundreds of projects. Though we are very passionate and excited about our products, we need you to ‘make them fly’.

We invite you to request a Live-Demo.