The team

The smartPM team is constantly growing, and it includes FP&A Specialists, Consolidation Experts, Data Scientists, Solution Consultants and Application Designers with different strengths and cultural backgrounds. What we share? Extraordinary customer centricity, high motivation, and excellent skills. We are a leading, trusted company, helping enterprises to get the most out of their business, data and decisions.

Our team of executives has 75+ years of combined FP&A experience, work around the globe and are experts in their fields:

Alexander Hein CEO
Alexander Hein
CEO & Founder

'All of our team members are flexible high performers. I tell you an example: We had a team training to get a feeling how the team works together. The trainer gave them a really tough team challenge. He was truly impressed that the smartPM team solved the challenge in just 16 minutes instead of 45 minutes like the fastest group did before. He was astonished how focused and efficiently they cooperated and about their thinking out of the box. So they do in client projects. We are good listeners and advisors – getting the most out of each project.'

Markus Edlinger Director Professional Services and Consultants smartPM solutions
Markus Edlinger
Director Professional Services

'We work with the latest CPM-Technology every day. The best way to prove that our solutions work really well is applying it in our own business.'

'At we stand for the constant innovation of processes and solutions. Our data science team guarantees for this continuous advancement and counts for more than 20% of the whole team size.'

Christian Konrad
Director Application Design

'Our team is our most valuable asset. All of them are hand-picked, have a lot of experience and knowledge in their fields of business and combine that with a great personality, a good sense of humour and reliability.'

Marina Hein
VP Marketing & HR

'Customer centricity is at the core of all our actions. I often describe what we do as “bridge building”, because we connect people, data and make the transportation of information a lot easier. Thus, making the life of FP&A managers a lot easier and giving them the chance to focus on their true calling of being a business partner within their organization.'

Sebastian Wallner
Senior Solution Consultant

International - skilled - experienced

We rely on each other, work towards collective achievements, and share common attainments. Our team works as a whole together supporting our clients in getting more successful in data integration and CPM-processes, reducing the time of laborious procedures to have more time for preparing essential decisions. Our customers say, that working together with our team is very pleasant and focused.

From the beginning we attracted experts from all around the world working with us. First there are our consultants with a strong financial background and know how of the technical basis. They profit from more than 400 successfully completed projects. Additionally our experts in consolidation are well known for their intelligent solutions and expertise for group companies.

At smartPM.solutons we stand for the constant innovation of processes. Our data science team guarantees for this continuous advancement of our solutions and counts for more than 20% of the whole team size.

Don't just take our word for granted

Read our client’s reviews on the independent rating platform Ravenintel. Here are some examples:

'It is very important to have a good partner…and we found this perfect Partner in'
' is an experienced partner with great knowledge of UNIT4 FP&A(prevero)…'
'The pro-active support and exciting planning mindset of the consultants were amazing.'
'The consultants of are very competent.'
'The consultants were very knowledgeable with an extremely quick grasp of our specific needs and strong commitment to our project.'
' is a trustworthy cooperation with valuable knowledge during the Project/Program Performance Management introductory phase as well as the implementation.'
'The biggest advantage was the combination of financial / industry specific and technical know how of the smartPM implementation team. We are planning to work onwards with the same team to further develop our solution…'
'Our partner was a great partner.'
'We work closely with the FP&A(prevero) consultant (Markus Edlinger) in workshops which we found was very useful during development and quickly enhanced our knowledge of the product. Markus quickly understood our systems and therefore was able to implement a solution much sooner than we had expected. Markus has shown commitment and flexibility throughout the project which has been greatly appreciated…'
'Something that is very positive is that the consultants were always available.'

More than just a working relationship

We at offer 100 % passion and focus.
We work together, we cook together and we party once in a while 🙂 
We listen to everybody and each team-member makes the difference for us. We like what we do, and we think this attitude helps our clients and us at the same time.
Whether you want to let us work for you or the other way round: Let’s get in touch!
we cook together
we work together
we know our targets
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