Sales Solutions

Predicting future revenue is in our DNA, and helping sales driven companies our mission. That’s why our Sales solutions address all the requirements we identified to be crucial throughout the past twenty years: Get a clear picture of how you’re doing sales-wise, identify the areas to improve and follow through on your decisions, making the utmost out of scarce, and therefore valuable resources and skills.

To improve your results, you definitely need to know everything about your current sales performance: product-wise and for any other dimension you could think of (e.g. region, sales channel, sales rep/team, client etc.)

Overcome any restriction of your CPM system (like missing rolling pipeline comparison) by deciding for the SPA module.

All of us have seen many companies and their senior management fail because of error prone sales forecast processes and thus poor, or simply wrong, forecasts.

Let a best of breed combination of artificial and human forecasting intelligence help you avoid expensive and potentially irrevocable mistakes. 

In case the products you sell need to be explained carefully by experts, those experts might be scarce – and you might want to know how to allocate them in the most efficient way.

Our PPM module integrates perfectly with the SPF module, thus knows on which opps to focus – and which resources it needs to make the pitch most likely a success.

How experts rate our products

"When we founded prevero in the 90s of the last century, we sensed that forecasting of sales results would become more important than it was that time - but we never imagined that accurate forecasts embedded in corporate financial planning and reporting would become crucial to pretty much all sales driven companies in two decades. I was in charge of the sales success of my international sales teams for more than two decades, and a product family like' Sales Performance Management is not only beneficial – it certainly makes the difference between ‘OK’ results and being the benchmark. The combination of artificial intelligence and human experience delivers unparalleled results and helps you focus on what really matters: achieve your sales targets.”
Alexander Springer
Alexander Springer ​
Co-Founder prevero, Germany