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Expert Group Digital Controlling Competence Event – uncomplicated knowledge transfer

Save the date: September 24, 2021, 2-6 p.m. Soon CFOs, CEOs, data scientists, digital transformation officers and scientists will meet again in the 3D room. The Digital Controlling Competence expert group invites you to the upcoming event and continues the very well-received concept of the opening event: A mixture of three parts:

1. learning from user companies,
2. latest scientific findings and
3. lots of workshop and networking time with support from the controlling community.

The motto of the upcoming DCC event: From the idea to implementation

“From the idea to implementation” – Introducing digital controlling in the company”. The topics focuse on value-adding FP&A tools, advanced analytics, relevant controller’s competencies and also the right time to introduce supporting software technology into controlling. “If not now, then when?” “And what happens if nothing happens?” Two questions that many people ask themselves – perhaps especially now in times of greater uncertainty due to Covid – 19.

Can you draw a parallel here with the advertising industry? In other words, should more investments be made, especially in bad times, in order to counteract the negative development? There is certainly something to be gained from this idea if, in controlling in uncertain times, information is often needed faster, in more detail and from a holistic corporate perspective. Ad-hoc questions from management can usually only be answered reliably and up-to-date with professional technology, which means that the necessity of investing in a new technology will also be easier to argue for business users. This is the right time. As a wise saying goes, “The best day to plant a tree was 25 years ago. The next best day is today.”

Speakers and topics of the ICV expert group DCC event

From a scientific perspective there is a right time to attack this issue and Prof. Dr. Uwe Seidel from the OTH Regensburg will share his insights with us. Pascal Speicher from Villeroy & Boch then adds his point of view and provides lessons learned from the changes that new technologies bring with them for the company. How has everyday controller life changed in concrete terms? And how fast does it go? In interactive workshops, the expert group leader also shows practical examples that have been implemented from the digital controlling idea. You can find more about the topics, the agenda and the registration option for the upcoming specialist group event here >>

Registration Page Expert Group Digital Controlling Competence

Exert group DCC concept - 'put the finger on the weak spot

But now back to the goal of the Digital Controlling Competence specialist group: This panel of experts would like to put their finger on the weak spot and discuss burning issues. Current digitization projects in companies are presented in short lectures, discussed in the specialist audience and rounded off with insights into the respective software solution of the sample company. ‘Looking at other companies with similar requirements usually leads to a sensible solution,’ says Alexander Hein, head of the DCC specialist group. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry and a good overview of the market-leading software technologies, he is more interested in problem cases than companies where everything is already running smoothly and digitization in controlling has advanced. ‘It excites me to show controllers and management where they can increase quality and amounts of information massively across the company and save time. The often feared investment in a new technology pays for itself quickly and the analyzes help management to make the right decisions proactively and ad-hoc.’ Once the business users have recognized the potential of holistic corporate management, there is no turning back to spreadsheets.’

Alexander Hein, ICV Expert Working Group Digital Controlling Competence Leader
Christian Bramkamp, ICV Expert Working Group Digital Controlling Competence Deputy Leader

The first steps to Digital Controlling Competence are the hardest

The first steps are usually the hardest, and this is exactly where the specialist group would like to help. First initiatives, depending on the degree of digitization in the company, can go from process optimization and standardization of structures to automation and 360° corporate management. “The more complete, up-to-date and reliable the data is, the sooner the user can concentrate on value-adding activities, such as decision-making support for management. There is simply more time to make high quality analysis and to steer the company holistically”, says Christian Bramkamp, deputy head of the DCC expert group from experience. He knows the subject above all from the area of project controlling.

Practical, solution-oriented, uncomplicated exchange of knowledge

The conclusion: The new Digital Controlling Competence specialist group offers a refreshing professional exchange in the 3D world between controllers and digitization experts. User and pioneer companies show how it can work and thus support the “learning from others” concept. The 3D environment with avatars optimally enables personal conversations, workshops and discussions.

If you had to describe the specialist group in three terms, it would be 1) practical, 2) solution-oriented and 3) uncomplicated exchange of knowledge. The expert group management pays attention to this as well as to keep it free from advertising by checking each new registration in advance. Anyone who would like to be inspired by the results of the expert group’s first event is welcome to register with the expert group and have access to the videos and documents of all lectures including the opening of the expert group.

In this sense – save the date for the 2nd event: 9/24/2021, 2-6 p.m. Here again the link to the info page of the Digital Controlling Competence specialist group and the registration option. First come, first serve. There is a waiting list for everyone interested who didn’t get a seat.

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