(Pre-) Sales Performance Management

The smartPM Sales Performance Management solution provides you with an accurate, current, relevant and easy to understand Sales Performance status based on Sales Performance Analytics. It presents all the information you need in order to decide where to take action. The Sales Performance Management application will reduce time and cost involved in creating revenue forecasts dramatically and help increase future revenue by focusing initiatives and tracking results. In order to forecast future revenue the module uses AI like Machine Learning algorithms as well as the users’ expertise.

Furthermore, the Pre-Sales function helps to focus on the most important, transparent and easy to use recommendation approaches. Bottlenecks can be identified and mitigated early, which allows the team’s skills to develop according to new requirements on time.

Key benefits of the Sales Performance Management solution

Connected Planning & Reporting: One single point of truth

Connect several relevant data sources from scratch and get a full set of standard sales reports

Clear prioritization system to focus on key deals

Suggest priorization of pre-sales cases and week-to-week pipe development monitoring

Preconfigured and easy to handle

Get in the driver's seat and tweak your sales team's performance

Skilled resource supply vs. forecasted demand comparison

Identify bottlenecks in terms of resources and skills and make suggestions for reskilling

Human and artifical sales intelligence

Use AI/machine learning algorithms for self-learning scoring systems and highly reliable and multidimensional forecasts

Advanced planning methods

Guided and ad-hoc analysis, advanced funnel target setting, role-tailored dashboards

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Do you want to know...?

With which revenue will we end up in which region, team or product – by the end of any period?

Based on existing pipe and machine learning algorithms, Sales Performance Management module will create Sales Forecasts per region, product, sales rep etc. and flag issues.

Where and how could we do better?

By closely monitoring win/loss rates and quota achievements, the Sales Performance Management module draws attention to areas which need immediate or mid-term attention – e.g. products that won’t sell anymore in certain regions because of changes in team structure or outdated technology.

How much pipe will we need to make our goals, and should we focus rather on farming or hunting?

Sales Performance Management module allows for funnel target setting, breaking back the targets into Installed Base and New Business, calculating the number of Marketing Qualified and Sales Accepted leads required.

Which Pre-Sales cases are most promising or relevant from a strategic point of view?

A self learning scoring system which includes several key criteria like expected dealsize, Sales rep’s experience and more suggests a prioritization of your Pre-Sales cases.

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