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Think about time – how much of it do you spend with creating excel sheets? And what’s about creating reports from a variety of excel files? As our experience and a recent BARC Study (2019) show, you are in the very best company demanding for an integrated financial planning and CPM tool. Why wasting time?

Based on the latest scientific research and a lot of knowledge from practical experience with many customers from different industry sectors, the most essential requirements and best-practice solutions were integrated into ‘smart PMs Advanced Corporate Performance Management (CPM)’ model. The best rated Unit4 Prevero platform serves as basis for the proposed ‘Advanced Performance Management’ (CPM) product family. It covers both BI (e.g. reporting & dashboarding) as well as CPM requirements (like AI supported forecasting) of all business departments within a company or group of legal entities. Users from specialist departments can easily work with the software even if they don’t have any programming skills. This is a huge step for a company into digitalized future. Be one step ahead in planning, forecasting and reporting.

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What does smartPM.solutions do?

We leverage market leading Unit4 Prevero and Microsoft technology to deliver world’s first end-to-end Performance Management experience for sales driven enterprises.

Sales Performance Management Solutions smartPM.solutions Overview

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