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Do you master the balancing act between precise planning and faster decision making?

10 activities to manage this challenge effectively:

  1. First you must fight your lack of will power – decide actively that you want to improve financial planning processes!
  2. Consult a trainer – talk to our experienced consultants (>500 projects successfully closed) and find the pain points.
  3. At first it may hurt a little – break old habits by replacing complex and time-consuming Excel-sheets.
  4. Develop an effective training plan – define requirements and start with the most painful.
  5. Teamwork makes everything easier – onboard supporters, include management
  6. Achieve objectives step by step – enjoy connected data from different sources; upgrade to integrated business planning
  7. Compare process change cost with realized benefits (e.g. save 60% of planning time and a two-digit million amount of money – stated by clients of smartPM.solutions)
  8. Amaze your team and bosses via faster and improved planning processes, flawless reports, precise forecasts and a comprehensive overview.
  9. Be proud of your success – manage the balancing act between precise planning and faster decision making, having more time for high-quality decision support instead of loosing time with the handling of spreadsheets.
  10. Overwhelmed? Spread the news and help others taking the first step. Our recommendation rate exceeds 95%.

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