Project Performance Management Bootcamp 1

Project Performance Management Bootcamp 1

Managers typically have three main goals regarding their companies’ projects and project portfolios: minimal time, lowest cost or best contribution margin, and best quality. Sounds like squaring the circle, but perfectly possible with proper Project Performance Management:


Learn in short video tutorials how to optimize projects and portfolios/programs and avoid common mistakes. In our two bootcamps we will bring you up to speed re best-practice Project Performance Management.


BOOTCAMP 1 focuses in 4 short recordings on international project governance standards, demand planning & balancing, single project management and advanced project reporting.


BOOTCAMP 2 introduces in 3 video tutorials best practice approaches for project prioritization, portfolio/program balancing and the connection of projects’ cost (and contribution margin if applicable) to Integrated Business Planning.



Let’s start with Bootcamp 1: 


The screenshots below show the topics covered by Bootcamp 1. All videos are accessible from one screen and can be watched all in a go. Click here to pick any content you wish.

These topics are covered in BOOTCAMP 1:


  • In Video Tutorial 1 you learn how to avoid common mistakes in Project Performance Management, like disconnected data, missing Project Governance Standards (eg. Prince2, PMBOK, PMI) or no upfront bottleneck identification, simulations or rolling forecasts.
  • Video Tutorial 2 puts special focus on monitoring/optimizing project success via projects’ life cycles. Monitor, evaluate, benchmark, and optimize projects in regular cadence, following their life cycle and using comparable metrics. See how rolling forecasts can improve forecast quality and project results.
  • Video Tutorial 3 shows how to forecast future project demand, considering project pipeline, backlog and available capacity.

  • Project reporting is the main topic of Video Tutorial 4. You will see how to work with standardized status reports, highlight deviations regarding cost, timelines and milestones. Benefit from order to cash monitoring, contribution margin calculation and automated connection to integrated financial planning (P/L, B/S, Cash Flow). Scenario impact analysis, commitment monitoring and lessons learned per project ease your tasks.
    See how easy online collaboration connects all project stakeholders with embedded MS Teams and Planner capabilities.

To be continued …

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