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Planning in Microsoft Power BI

More and more companies are interested in also planning with Microsoft Power BI. It certainly makes sense to supplement the BI solution, that is often already available in the company, with CPM (Corporate Performance Management) functions. The native integration in the vast ecosystem of Power BI offers new possibilities for data analysts, IT and specialist departments, such as controllers, purchasers, etc. Learn more in the Factsheet >>

We have summarized the 10 most important points you need to know about planning in Power BI:

  1. MS Power BI is often already established in the company. By natively integrating planning, the functions of Power BI are extended by a complete CPM platform. No new software needs to be purchased and integrated into the system landscape, which usually makes IT happy.
  2. Familiar user interface: Power BI users work in their familiar interface, including all CPM functions.
  3. All data reliable and connected in one system: Constantly up to date, 100% reliable and revised. This enables agile decision-making on a real-time updated data basis.
  4. By planning in Power BI, ad-hoc analyses, scenario comparisons, “what if” simulations, initiative tracker, top-down & bottom-up planning etc. are available. Answer all management questions in real time and adjust forecasts easily.
  5. Analyze, plan, forecast, report, budget, consolidate and use advanced workflow functionality in Power BI – from strategy to operational implementation – all in one system
  6. Write back to all data sources in real-time. Modelling, commenting, identifying value drivers, working together online – all in Power BI
  7. Benefit from a clear visualization, modern dashboards, drill-down and drill-through options
  8. Experience extremely short implementation times of a few weeks
  9. As a cloud solution in MS Azure, it can be used flexibly according to the company’s requirements and is ready for use quickly
  10. Expandable platform: Grow with your needs up to xP&A (extended planning & analysis): Start with the most relevant topic, e.g., S&OP, project/program performance management, sales, marketing, procurement, or HR performance management and expand to fully integrated business planning – in Power BI

A first impression of the smartPM planning solution in Power BI

Get the factsheet for more details & functions >>

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Educate your company – Get knowledge on Planning with Power BI

smartPM.solutions is specialized in financial planning & analysis and offers high-quality, best-practice and predefined CPM solutions that can be tailored to user needs. From scenario and what-if analyses to predefined KPIs right up to precise forecasts including artificial intelligence. We also have smart industry solutions, e.g., for real estate or power supply companies.

Client-Server approach – Our market leading partner for native integration Acterys

Martin Kratky, co-founder of Acterys: ‘Through Acterys, providing ‘Power BI synch’, smartPM’s top planning solutions now natively work in Power BI. Acterys is the only end-to-end solution offering this unification approach. Real-time data is automatically merged from all relevant systems (ERP and SaaS solutions) and allows for the integration of advanced planning and analysis logic. This architecture is based on a central data model supporting current multi-user write-back. An already existing SQL database or SSAS is used for data storage.’

Planning in Power BI – what’s in it for FP&A experts?

MS Power BI is the most popular and fastest growing BI Tool with countless possibilities of natively integrable solutions. Planning functions within the (often already existing) Power BI ecosystem unleash superpowers for FP&A. Decisions are based on precise forecasts with ML-algorithms/AI, key driver analysis, scenario analysis, rolling forecasts and integrated risk management. Benefit of higher quality decisions, more time for analyses instead of data preparation and cost savings from 360° view on your business to best meet the corporate goals. Learn more from our experienced team with a lot of economic and technological know-how. We act as a project experienced partner for our clients giving them mature concepts and tools at hand. We reach a very high satisfaction score of 4.8 (of 5 possible) stars for our projects. Clients trust in us, because we are FP&A experts, too – and deliver maximum benefit with our solutions.

Learn more about how to plan and forecast in Power BI in our online training or a tailored expert talk with our ‘Planning in Power BI’ experts.

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