Unit4Prevero Citytour Alexander Hein Presentation

smartPM.solutions at Unit4 Prevero Citytour 2019

smartPM hosted round table discussion giving valuable insights in innovative CPM processes, AI content and latest research.

As Unit 4 Prevero’s only global reselling and competence partner, smartPM.solutions was invited to join the annual Citytour in Vienna. This year the meeting took place in the pharmacy wing of Schönbrunn Palace, giving customers and interested prospects valuable insights in innovative CPM processes, AI content and latest research. The smartPM.solutions team was able to contribute in the field of AI-based forecasting and integrated financial planning and hosted an insightful round table discussion.

Other highlights included presentations by the Unit 4 Prevero CTO and clients on current CPM topics such as artificial intelligence, cloud ERP and greater efficiency in the Office of the CFO. Themed ” Creating Space ” a basis for a constructive exchange and discussions with colleagues for simple and intelligent business management was created. In addition, highlights and innovations of reference clients were presented as well as interesting application tips.

We are very much looking forward to joining the next Citytour!

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