Smartofant at Christmas Play

Where is he now again … our smartofant?

Our blue mascot travels the world and wins the hearts of our customers and prospects from Singapore, on through Mexico, to Switzerland, and of course, Germany. The blue smartofant stands for our clever & powerful software solutions and for excellent consulting services.

We are grateful for a whole bunch of smartofant photos we received from its travels: Many thanks to Markus Wittmann from Neumarkt, responsible for commercial projects & tools at DEHN SE & Co KG for submitting the one on top. Our smartofant was immediately taken into his little daughters heat, and fitting the Christmas season, was allowed to join the musical “The Christmas Bakery”.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Mr. Wittmann, and a Merry Christmas to all other smartofant fans out there. If you do not have a smartofant yet and need one to make some children smile just contact us and we will send one of our dear blue friends on the journey again.

Happy Christmas!
Your smartPM team

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